• Sylla Lacina - goni, djembe, voce
  • Zouzoua Zika Bidi Emmanuel - riq, voce
  • Kone Yacouba - goni, djembe, voce
  • Kienou Drissa - Kora, Doundoum, voce
  • Seydou Kienou - Djembe, Kora, voce
  • Dhida Adil - Balafon, voce
SEYDOU KIENOU I AM A MUSICIAN AND ORIGIN OF PERCUSSIONIST OUGADOGOU, CAPITAL OF Bourkina FASO. I STARTED TO PLAY THE AGE 'OF THREE YEARS THANKS TO MY FATHER CHAPTER GRIOT. AFRICAN CULTURE IN THE SHAPE OF GRIOT IS THE MEMORY OF ORAL TRADITION TRANSMITTED FROM FATHER TO SON. GRIOT SO I HAVE THE POWER OF TELLING THE PAST ALL THE FAMILIES THROUGH AFRICAN MUSIC, SONGS, CELEBRATIONS, POEMS AND SO. , ETC .. THEY ARE CARRIERS OF MUSIC AND THE KNOW. My Father in his lifetime he had 33 children and four wives. The Griot are traditional errant figures of African culture, which hold and transmit knowledge, tradition and history. With the father I started playing the doundoun and then the djembe. At the age of 16 years during a festival in Burkina I met a German man who took me to Germany and thanks to him I began to travel the world. After  Unity is strength, because in all reality we have the same goal It is to feel and live well with friends family etc. And to do this we wants the mind and open heart that listens to the ideas, thoughts, projects of the other even though different in mutual respect. Getting to know other people, other cultures of other countries is a personal and cultural enrichment. You know so also other points of view that can help each of us to live better ourselves and with others. The dialogue is always a good way to understand each other and achieve faster and better our common goal which is to be peace in harmony with oneself and with others, in a word to be happy                    For contacts:                           tel                Seydou Kienou:               +39 3278140108               +39 3914640783                       mail: seydoukienou78@gamil.com    kienouseydou@Yahoo.fr
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