• Claudio NIniano - Chitarra acustica, voce, armonica
Born in Rome in 1982, Claudio is a songwriter who finds many of his roots in American folk and blues. The sounds of this musician do not simply end in echoes of great artists and composers such as Lightnin Hopkins, Doc Watson, Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen: unconventional harmonic developments, open tunings, partial capos are essential elements that characterize his creative path and musical research. Therefore it is not strange to find swing, jazz and pop influences in his arrangements. The mixture that comes out is a traveling music, a melancholic and vital acoustic genre, where every song is more like a start than an arrival, where simplicity and search play together to find a common ground. Alongside his gigs, since 2011 he has been busking in the streets of Milan and other Italian cities, promoting this dynamic way of playing that connects music and people more directly. He recorded and self-produced two albums: ‘A few lines’ in 2013 and ‘Sun on the Ruins’ in 2015. He is now working at the realization of his third album. Recently, he graduated in Musictherapy at CMT in Milan and since 2015 he has been in charge of the Musictherapy Program dedicated to terminally ill patients at Il Tulipano Hospice by Niguarda Hospital.
  • 2016 - Accreditato
  • 2017 - Invitato

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