• Marco Staffolani - Chitarra
  • Marco Marzot - Chitarra
  • Gabriele Marzola - Voce
  • Luca Boggio - Contrabbasso
  • Carlo Michelone - Batteria
We were meet for the first time to a manouche music festival in 2007: an immediate feeling and an impromptu jam session do arise the idea of ​​creating an acoustic trio with which to interpret jazz standards, using the sun acoustic guitars and vocals. In 2013 ... join Carlo Michelone (drums and percussion) and Luca Boggio (bass), now part of the group: they are just the touch of bamboo shuffe-Carlo and spong style of Luke to feed those old jazz atmospheres that three derelicts risked losing. Cookies are born! The Cookies have consolidated a very personal style which blends gypsy influences, rock, folk, but also jazz and dance. Here The Police duet with Malgioglio, Django Reinhardt accompanies the System of a Down, while Coltrane moves away angrily to the musical proposals for Camerini. In their original songs, without taking itself too seriously, the group faces, with irony, malice and taste for the essential topics related to everyday life and what impresses them most in this particular phase of his path: a desire for adventure, love and good neighborly relations.
  • 2016 - Accreditato