• Cristina Popa - FLAUTO
  • Jacopo Dondi - VIOLINO
  • Matilde Lotti - VIOLONCELLO
  • Piergiacomo Buso - CHITARRA
Adoc 'Quartet is a group formed in occasion of the Buskers Festival of Ferrara, It is composed of violin, cello, flute and guitar. The four classical musicians come from a wide variety of musical experiences, repertoires and styles. They met on this particular occasion in order to get out of their usual boundaries. The line-up, if we consider the instruments that constitute it, breaks the patterns of the traditional classical quartet seeking new sounds that encourage the mixing of different genres and languages. In the end isn't diversity one of the components of the beauty of art? Four young musicians who have grown up and live in Ferrara, four friends who have chosen to join in a common goal: make music with passion and dedication in order to express themselves and have fun together with the public.
  • 2017 - Invitato