• David Owens - Piano, Chitarra

David Owens is not your typical street musician. After qualifying with an honours degree in pure mathematics in Ireland and working at a top US software company, David decided to take a break to travel and see Europe in a campervan. Bringing his guitar along he thought he could play a little street music to meet new people and possibly make his money last a little longer. Things changed quickly though and he fell in love with this new life. 5 years and 34 cities later, David is one of the top street musicians in Europe, regularly drawing huge crowds with his signature baby grand piano and big smile. 

Mixing his emotive piano playing and sensitive singing with cheeky humour and honest story telling, David's show is one best watched from start to finish, and you're sure to leave it feeling uplifted and with a warm heart. 

  • 2018 - Invitato

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