• Roberts Sidorovs - Violoncello elettrico

My name is Roberts,im 22 years old, i live in Latvia and playing cello from 4 years old, but i decided to do something much more interesting, than play classical music, on accoustic cello, so i decided to start playing electric cello with looper pedal, and make my own unique original music and covers, it all started in spring last year, i bought all staff, and started to write my music, i started to play on streets in Riga, Latvia, and it went very well, then i decided to make a euro trip, to try playing in europe, i been in Shaulai, Kaunas, Warshaw, Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Praga, Graz, Vienna, Villach, Venecia, Genova, Garda, Verona, Alassio, Sanremo, and it went so well, that i decided to do it again this summer.
This year i want to upgrade myself and show my music to more, and more people, so i started to search for busking festival, and i think Ferrara Buskers Festival is exactly what im searching for, so i decided to try, and hopefully it is gonna turn well and i will be able to join your amazing festival and take a part in it. I am one of few people in the europe, who is playing electric cello with looper pedals, so its really orginal stuff. 

  • 2018 - Invitato

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