• Maxwell Poulos - Mandolino, banjo
  • Coleman Aiken - Violino, chitarra, banjo
  • Ewan Bleach - Clarinetto, sassofono
  • Robin Rapuzzi - Washboard, batteria
  • Ryan Baer "F.H. Henry" - Corno, banjo, chitarra, violino
We play really old music from the americas. We've been influenced by blues, jazz, stringband, ragtime, and dance band recordings from the 20's and 30's -- jazz bands with violin, jug, or harmonica and jugbands with cornet, tuba, or clarinet -- like The Dixieland Jug Blowers, Frenchy's Stringband, Lionel Belasco, Leecan & Cooksey, Sara Martin, King Oliver, and Johnny Dodds. We formed in New Orleans, from members of several street performing groups. Our line up changes depending on where we are and who's available, which means that even if we wanted to, we couldn't repeat a performance from one show to another. Our audiences can always expect something they've never seen before. This year we will feature the 'tuba-machine' - a device that we built ourselves which enables one person to play tuba with his feet(!) and banjo simultaneously - a one-man rhythm section.
  • 2017 - Invitato