• Alberto Crivellari - Voce, chitarra
  • Alessandro Crivellari - Chitarra
  • Angelo Girardello - Basso
  • Mirko Stevanin - Chitarra
  • Alberto Danese - Batteria, cajon, percussioni
We are a 20 years old alternative / grunge Band. Since 2007 we started to rearrange our songs, plus some covers, into an "acoustic" an more intimate point of view. Since then we count hundreds of gigs all around Italy, often in places where maybe it would be very difficult to reach, from theaters to small venues. We have played with some great national and international acts like The Pretty Reckless (USA), Prime Circle (SA), Freak Kitchen (SWE), Pino Scotto, Omar Pedrini, Dolcenera, DGM, Extrema, Rezophonic etc. and toured UK, Germany and Greece. With our Single "We don't" we have won in 2011 Tour Music Fest (Head Judge Mogol) and then perform the UK's greatest festival "LIVE FEST" in London inside the wonderful o2 Arena. In the 2015 we played with AMBRAMARIE at PUEDES NIGHT and in the 2016 we played for the first time at Buskers Festival.
  • 2016 - Accreditato
  • 2017 - Accreditato