• Julian Williams - piano, voce
  • Sinisa Horn - piano, voce
  • Erol Dizdar - cellopercussion, voce
  • Volodimir Trikolenkov - fisarmonica
  • Igor Stravansky - violino, conférencier, voce
  • Michael Eicheli - contrabbasso, voce
The balcony is that place of the house where people meet or connect with the others neighbours or pedestrians. From here the name of the band “Konnexion Balkon”, a mix of fascinating rhythms , improvisations of jazz and oriental sounds. This is a unique music , that was born thanks to the musical cultures of each musicians in the band , coming from Germany, Croatia and Ukraine. Their excellence technique and passion create a vibrant mix of traditional and original songs between classical music, jazz, Balkans valzer, Sinti and Rom songs, Slavic old music and romance. The idea of this group was born in 1998 thanks to the violinist and singer Igor Stravansky but only in 2007 was born the band that we know nowadays, in Munich. Ladies and gentleman are you ready for the “Konnexion Balkon”?
  • 2016 - Invitato