• Elliott Stoltz - chitarra elettrica
  • Sebastien Tytgat - batteria / percussioni
  • Maylin Pultar - voce / chitarra acustica
Maylin invites you to follow her on a journey, with a music blending traditional American music with music from the cultures she's been immersed in. She is one of these people who have lived many lives: After being a model and actress in Paris, Milan and New-York, she started her career as a singer-songwriter in Los Angeles playing at " the Whisky" "the Mint", and then festivals like SXSW in Austin (TX). She has toured the US and played numerous venues in New York including The Zinc Bar and in Washington square. After 15 years in Los Angeles and New York which she calls "home", today, the French-American singer-songwriter is based in Paris where she is recording and performing with her band: « Maylin & The Mad Machine ». Inspired by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and John Lee Hooker to name a few, joining the family of Ben Harper and PJ Harvey, Maylin embraces the spirit of bluesmen in a simple, raw and direct manner. She leans on the healing vibrations of the human voice and a stripped instrumentation, to rise above hardships and create hope for herself and for society. Maylin sings her story accompanied by Elliott Stoltz on electric guitar and Sebastien Tytgat on percussions.
  • 2017 - Invitato