• Natália Boechat - Vocale e percussioni
  • Miguel Vera - Chitarra
  • Valentin Heimrich - Violino
  • Pablo Aranda - Sassofono soprano
  • Dariusz Dzugan - Contrabbasso
  • Nestor Vera - Percussioni

Mombé is an internacional project of itinerant musicians from Brazil, Germany, Venezuela, Poland and Spain that explores different ways of making music. Latin folklore and afrobrazilian rythms are combined with the different roots of each musician and with their traveling lifestyle creating a multicultural environment and sound. The band also works on their own compositions and arrangements, keeping the focus on creativity and diversity.
The group came together between the Canary Islands and Germany, where the members met and began to share music and life. Taking music on the journey and the reverse, the band does not have one fix place, but several, shifting. The project begins and has its main foundation in street music, although it also performs at festivals and stages. The show is an invitation to travel to unknown places created by the mixture and the nomadic life style of the band.

  • 2018 - Invitato

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