• Giuseppe Cassa - Polistrumentista
  • Fabio Gabbianelli - Contrabbasso
  • Giuseppe Petti - Washboard
  • Michael Botula - Ukulele, voce
No Funny Stuff received the most “Vote for your favourite busker" votes by 2016 audiences at FBF. …and they’re coming back to the Ferrara Buskers Festival! With their extraordinary instruments and their engaging, inimitable groove, “No Funny Stuff” is a unique band that pays homage to modern pop-rock hits reimagined in a retro style, as if having just emerged from a broken time machine. The 4 members, 3 Italians and one Californian in vintage attire, play an assortment of bizarre musical tools designed and built entirely by themselves, reworking a wide variety of well known modern songs in a 1920s style - from Pink Floyd to Lady Gaga. Saws and watering cans, cans, broomsticks, washcloths planks, jars, pots, pans and whistles are the raw material of what these artists call "home-made music". The result is a magical blend of country blues, ragtime, early swing, bluegrass and skiffle. The band was formed in 2014 in Rome thanks to a chance meeting, when founding members Giuseppe Cassa and Michael Botula got stuck together in a broken elevator. This chance meeting resulted in many concerts in city streets, festivals and albums. Their latest album, "When I Grow Up", is a mix of covers and original songs featuring rock influences and some electric sounds, in addition to the acoustic “signature sound” for which the band is known. After their success last year at the Ferrara Buskers Festival®, No Funny Stuff were featured artists on the Channel 5 broadcast 'Tu si que vales!'
  • 2016 - Invitato
  • 2017 - Invitato