• Michael Botula - Ukulele, voce
  • Giuseppe Cassa - Polistrumentista
  • Fabio Gabbianelli - Contrabbasso
  • Giuseppe Petti - Washboard
They are like they have just gone out from a time machine. The “No funny stuff”, Jub band unique in their sort, takes back to the past the modern pop-rock successes arranging them to retro style. This is un unmissable show because the four musicians, 3 italians and a Californian in vintage clothes, more than reinterpreting many famous songs (for example Pink Floyd and Lady Gaga) in 20s style, they play strange instruments invented and made by themselves. Saws and watering can, cans, broomsticks, plank to wash the clothes, tins, pots, pans and whistles become raw material of the, as the artists call, “handmade music”. The groove is really involving and the result is an explosive mix of country blues, ragtime, early swing, bluegrass and skiffle. The band was created in 2014 in Rome, where Giuseppe Cassa and Michael Botula met by chance in a broken lift and they found out the common passion for music. From that day the concert among the streets, the first Ep and then the second “Don’t worry be funny”!
  • 2016 - Invitato
  • 2017 - Invitato

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