• Jamie Shaw - Voce, Batteria
  • Anna Robinson - Voce, basso
  • Dan Beaulaurier - Voce, chitarra, armonica
Norton Money is a harmony driven Alternative-Americana band with soul. They're based in London, England, and have performed extensively in the UK, USA and Europe sharing the bill with acts such as: The Blockheads, Dave Grisman and Chris Smithers to name a few. They've just released their 3rd album, "The Ballad Of Hi & Lo", an action-packed collection of 10 original songs on the Wohone Records label. Whether the music is swingin, two steppin, or just plain rockin....it will leave you altered and....."smash your barn doors wide-open and paint ‘em red on the way out… Boom!"
  • 2017 - Invitato