• Phil Assheton - Pianoforte
Piano Busker: the accidentally discovered beautiful sound of two pianos...
1989: I grew up punching my moods into my piano.  It always knew what to say after any kind of day.  I dreamt that the world was listening.  But you can't just take your piano out in the street like a guitar...
2006: The piano swivelling needed to get the piano out of my house, and down the steep hill deserved a camera crew.  Then a long mile (1.6km ;) ) of pushing.  Then the vodka!  Then the van rentals began and my pianos leapt at the chance to sing to new cities.  And eventually my own van and we were free.
2012:  My housemate dared me to take two pianos busking instead of one...  One for the right hand, one for the left...  Just for fun...  It seemed like rather a lot effort for a joke.  I don't even remember why I did it.  But then...  It sounded beautiful!  I have always loved layered music, like in Celtic folk, or trance music, where melodic instruments slide over one another to create a mesh of melodies.  And now I wasn't stuck with a "bass" and a "lead", I could fly one melody right over the top of another without my hands wrapping each other in knots.  And people stopped to listen.  I think they liked it too.  And the rich under-textures of the two pianos' sounds seemed to lift each other, pumping an intense fabric beneath the notes.  And people asked me where the "backing track with the strings" was coming from.  It was strange, but it all came together in a street in Nottingham in the English East-Midlands.  Alone in the street in a city I had only visited once before.
2018: Since then I've taken my two pianos busking all round the UK, down the West Coast of America and around Europe.  But I have a feeling that Ferrara Buskers' Festival is going to be the best yet...
  • 2018 - Invitato

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