• Raphaela "Ronja" Shalman - Voce
  • Pavel Shalman - Violino
  • Bozidar Radenkovic - Fisarmonica, chitarra
  • Barry O`Mahony - Chitarra
Born in the mountains of Austria, RONJA* has been singing since she was a little girl, inspired by the music of Janis Joplin, the Animals , Jimi Hendrix, Carole King and others. She started her career touring the world on a cruise ship gathering inspiration and experience. After coming back RONJA* started writing her own music and playing with her bands Living Transit & Global Groove LAB. She runs a monthly session in Vienna called RONJA*s Wonderland inviting new guest artists every month and is also the founder of the label & music platform artForm Music. To Buskers Festival she will bring her acoustic formation together with her husband violinist Pavel Shalman (Russia), multi-instrumentalist Boki Radenkovic (Serbia) and guitarist Barry O’Mahony (Ireland). A brilliant mix of Soul, Pop & Jazz, both original compositions as well as newly interpreted covers. Pavel & Boki will also play in their duet, a virtuoso mix of music from around the world: Tango, Balkan, Jazz, Musette and more. RONJA* - vocals & composition Pavel Shalman – violin & composition Boki Radenkovic – guitar & accordion Barry O’Mahony – guitar www.ronja-music.com www.art-form.at/pavelboki
  • 2017 - Invitato