• José Camacho González - chitarra
  • Guillermo Mazzuca - basso
  • Carlos Arturo Gajardo González - cajon, percussioni, danza
  • Marco Damián Torrado Guzmán - cajon, percussioni, danza
During the year it could happen to run into them at Parc Güell, between the structures of the park designed by Gaudí in Barcelona; all around them is always full of people fascinating by the rhythm of the flamenco and others songs. It’s there in Barcelona where the group met for the first time and they decided to start a musical/dance project called Tablao Sur a mix between flamenco, jazz, pop and Latin Americans style. At the beginning the group was composed by the argentinian Marco Torrado who plays the cajon and the chilean Carlos Gajardo, later they met the argentinian bass player Guillermo Mazzuca and the Spanish guitarist José Camacho and they finally decided to create a quartet. The audience is amazed by them and, while they’re playing, some of them became dancers showing their flamenco’s moves and tap dance. Come and dance with them!
  • 2016 - Invitato