• Arthur Goldsmith - Percussioni
  • Kevin Parris - Trombone
  • Sally Gillow - Sassofono alto
  • Elizabeth Lister - Trombone
  • Rebecca Hurwitz - Clarinetto
  • Katherine Dukes - Sassofono tenore
  • Pam Deen - Trombone e fisarmonica
The Red Boot Band is a Bath, UK based street band aiming to spread a little love and happiness. Playing an eclectic mix of music including Klezmer, Café music and soft jazz we can be found on the streets, at festivals, weddings and whacky parties. We are eccentrics without electrics, we pick up our saxs, trombones and the like, don our weird and wonderful garb of red, gold and black, and with a squeeze and a toot bring the mojo back for all the weary shoppers who stop to watch. People passing by find themselves smiling, warming up to a laugh, their children jig and the world just seems a brighter place when infected by the music.
  • 2017 - Invitato