• Diana Uspenskaya - arpa, percussioni, voce
  • Yana Uspenskaya - fagotto, flauto, voce
  • Alena Uspenskaya - tastiera, voce
  • Vladimir Solodukhin - chitarra
Three russian sisters with a strong passion for music, one day decided to create a cover band and they have never stopped. And so started the “Triobardac” project, a real family group that grew always more, holding new musicians and producing new musical experiments. After participating to “Ferrara Buskers Festival” as respected musicians, the three sisters Uspenskaya have been chosen to participate at the edition of this year as protagonists, accompanied by the guitar of Vladimir Solodukhin, which created the ThreeWorlds project with. The musicians can play different kinds of instruments: Diana plays the harp and the drums, Yana the bassoon and the flute, Alena the keyboard. All three sing, charming the public with pieces of international music performed in a mix of ethnical, Celtic, classical and pop sounds. Listening and singing with them is compulsory!
  • 2016 - Invitato