• Igino Vicinanza - Percussioni
  • Chiara Granato - Percussioni
  • Serafina Perrotta - Percussioni
  • Alessio Coppola - Percussioni
The UtungoTabasamu is a group born from the passion of four percussionists who goes by the dances of the African soil, in search of new sounds through the recovery of everyday objects, the desire to give rhythm to emotions by breaking the patterns between performers and listeners. The name, from South African (Swahili), means "Smile at a rhythm". The musical entertainment show will be made with recycled objects (such as cans, running boards, sinks, glass bottles, ...) and common (brooms and dustpans, Milk boiler, pots) also using the flaming drumsticks.
  • 2017 - Accreditato
  • 2018 - Invitato

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