• Sergio Di Finizio - Basso
  • Vanesa Cortés - Voce
  • Violeta Barrio - Baile flamenco
  • Ruben Flores - Chitarra flamenca
  • Ruth Quesada - Baile Flamenco

The strength and passion of flamenco fill the streets and squares of the Ferrara Buskers Festival® with the show of the Italian-Spanish group A Compas Flamenco. Five artists, ranging from the tradition of flamenco to a repertoire of different modern styles, lead the audience in the warm atmospheres of this fascinating dance and music pervaded with sensations.

The emotions spread from the sound of the singer Vanesa Cortés voice, and get straight to the heart, accompanied with the movements and the impetuous ticking of the heels of the Violeta Barrio and Ruth Quesada dancers. They're guided by the pathos of singing and the notes of flamenco guitar by Ruben Flores, and from the bass of Sergio Di Finizio. A journey into passion that only flamenco can express. It's a wild flamenco that, in an emotional path, passes from desperation and crying to burlesque and joyful moments, tangos and vibrations which bring the purity of love.

  • 2018 - Invitato