• Elisabeth Reolid Felipe - Viola
  • Clara Larrauri Scamilla - Violino
  • Irene Vilanova Dominguez - Violino
  • Roser Pérez Talens - Violoncello

Four young Spanish musicians just arrived from the province of Valencia for enchanting the audience with their sounds, from classical, to jazz and other musical styles, everything with the vibrate of the strings of their violins, viola and cello. The Nelken Cuarteto is named after Margarita Nelken, one of the leading exponents of the Spanish feminist movement in the 1930s. And to this woman and all the women who have dedicated their lives to claiming the female figure in different fields, that the quartet is inspired by. Friends for the life, they met again a few years ago to take part in a series of concerts in Spain and France. How could it be a better opportunity to form their own group and join passions and talents, bringing them among the people. Elisabeth, Clara, Irene and Roser studied in several European countries. They presents at the Ferrara Buskers Festival® a repertoire of classical music, but also covers from different genres, popular songs and much more. Among them, someone has a more jazzy vein, and someone a more classicist, but together they can assure harmony and amazement.

  • 2018 - Invitato