• David Owens - Piano, Chitarra

He left his life as an engineer and mathematician to devote himself to his greatest passion: music. He comes from Ireland where he excites the audience with the magic of the notes from his grand piano. After working in one of the leading US software companies, he decided to take a break and set off on a road trip to discover Europe with only his camper and his guitar. He discovered that he was in love with busker life and after 5 years and 34 cities visited, we can say that he became one of the best European street musicians. In Ireland you can meet him around while enchanting the audience with his piano. In Ferrara you will recognize him for his special keyboard designed specifically for the Ferrara Buskers Festival®. You will be enchanted by the warm voice and the sweet, addicting music, which is able to conquer and excite the crowds, getting to their hearts.

  • 2018 - Invitato