• Roberts Sidorovs - Violoncello elettrico

Roberts Sidorovs is a young musician, one of the few in Europe who plays the electric cello with a looper pedal. He began last year in spring, when he started writing and composing his music, choosing to look beyond classical music and creating original and magnetic pieces, exclusive compositions, which alternates with the reinterpretation of covers.

He starts performing among the streets of Riga, the city where he lives in Latvia, then decided to take a trip to Europe, to meet the public of many other realities, including Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Vienna , Venice, Genoa, Verona. This summer will be still around the European locations, but the Ferrara Buskers Festival® is a very special stage for him, an opportunity to meet and compare with people and musicians from all corners of the globe. Watching Elemental Cello playing is a unique experience. And his way of making music is really out of the ordinary.

  • 2018 - Invitato