• Nicola Nieddu - Violino
  • Antonio Cortesi - Violoncello
  • Luca Di Chiara - Contrabbasso

They play amazingly with music, experimenting with new sounds from the songs of the great Mozart. The EST, Electric String Trio, is an Italian band whose musicians, coming from different musical experiences, have chosen to reinterpret with mastery and fun the works of Mozart, recreating the amazement that the legendary composer aroused in his audience. Mozart was an experimenter, ready to find unpublished musical ideas. Today, in a context in which the music of every age and genre is accessible and in which the boundaries between different musical environments are mixed and become more indefinite, the EST give life, starting from the compositions of the Viennese musician, to original arrangements in which blend jazz and bossanova, gipsy and waltz, with effects and loop stations. Sound follies to be inebriated, to the rhythm of the electric and acoustic violin and cello, of the double bass and Mozart's wonder. A music that captures and in which the invention, improvisation and irony are the masters. Who knows what Mozart could think about the EST?

  • 2018 - Invitato