• Thomas Raven - Chitarra spagnola
  • Jason Contos - Chitarra spagnola
  • Julian Lardis - cajon

They have been the most voted group in the contest “Vote your favourite Buskers” in the Festival 2015, category invited buskers. The Trio Kallidad return in Ferrara with his vortex of energy , trying to lead us into a new travel in Mexico, Spain, Texas and Jamaica. It’s impossibile not recognise them, because the three artists paint their faces with mexican skulls, like in the day of the dead in Mexico ( happy and dancing spirits for the Mexican culture). But, theycame from Australia, with their own special style: the “Mexican Mariachi Metal”, a mix between flamenco, rock and tribal music. The hands of the three artists are fasts and expert on the strings of the spanish guitar with the accompaniment of the cajon; they produce songs where flamenco meet gypsy style, tribal music and metal. The group, that begun to play on the streets casually, earned the popularity of some other groups like Gypsy King , Django Reinhardt, Metallica and Kiss. Just try and see.

  • 2017 - Invitato
  • 2019 - Invitato

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