• kimiya ghorbani - voce
  • bahram deyjourian - voce
  • Marcello Pala - batteria
  • marco fiorini - chitarra

A disruptive voice. The song of courage and freedom. Kimia Ghorban is an Iranian singer and musician born in Tehran, the first woman in her country who plays and sings alone on the street. The passion for music has matured since her childhood. Then as a girl she began to perform on the street, challenging the restrictions of her country, which does not admit that women sing alone in public. For her desire to claim the freedom to sing, she was beaten and taken to prison, but did not lose her grit. In fact, after studying the Italian language was able to leave for Bologna, whose Conservatory has met the musicians with whom he formed the Tarifa Band. In 2016 he participated in The Voice of Italy, enchanting everyone with his music and his story, outside the contexts of talent. Kimia sings in Persian and not in Arabic, to shout to the world the redemption of freedom of women in her land. With the Tarifa Band and a style oriented to jazz and folklore, she is ready to make her voice be heard.

  • 2018 - Invitato