• Gabriele Cavallini - Sassofono tenore e baritono
  • Riccardo Capelli - Batteria
  • Alejandra Batista - Voce
  • Andrea Capoccia - Chitarra semiacustica

They are the winners of the contest "Vote your favorite busker" in the section "invited musicians" and return to Ferrara Buskers Festival® 2018 as protagonists, to conquer the public again with their amazing energy and new engaging tracks. La Familia Flotante arrives from Fuerteventura. In the Canary Islands the singer Alejandra and the three musicians Gabriele, Riccardo and Andrea met for the first time, and give start to an ambitious musical project, which combines different styles, in different languages: Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese and French. The Italian-Spanish band creates a extravagant sound made of swing, Latin, reggae and funk, which comes out of the skill of the musicians in playing the guitar, drums and saxophone, moving harmoniously from one genre to another. Each of the four members of the band comes from different musical experiences, but together the sound is truly unique. And the fun is right for everyone. Who knows which surprises will the Familia Flotante reserved for the public of the biggest street music festival in the world?


  • 2017 - Invitato
  • 2018 - Invitato