• Luiz Murá - Chitarra/voce
  • Agostino Aragno - Violino, voce
  • Bianca Godoi - Batteria
  • Ernesto Vargas - Contrabbasso

Connect different cultures through the universal harmony of music. This is the goal of MiraMundo, a multicultural band that offers a repertoire in which Brazilian melodies connect to styles and genres of varied cultural origins and places in the world. The band was born when the Brazilian singer and guitarist Luiz Murá met in Barcelona the Italian violinist Agostino Aragno, Bianca Godoi and Aloise Morales, coming from Brazil, and the Mexican bassist Ernesto Vargas. The understanding between them has led them to try and experiment together an artistic journey that makes the musical and cultural diversity a great virtue. The MiraMundo sing and play songs in Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, French and English. Listening to the music of this band is like being in front of Moroccan musicians, Italian singers, flamenco dancers, Brazilian samba dancers, Irish violins, Senegalese djembe, Mexican mariachi and Romanian gypsies who unconsciously play the same song, creating surprising new sounds.

  • 2018 - Invitato