• Natália Boechat - Vocale e percussioni
  • Miguel Vera - Chitarra
  • Valentin Heimrich - Violino
  • Pablo Aranda - Sassofono soprano
  • Dariusz Dzugan - Contrabbasso
  • Nestor Vera - Percussioni

The musicians of the Mombé group met between the Canary Islands and Germany, and from that moment on they chose to share music and life. These talented street artists, from Spain, Poland, Brazil, Germany and Venezuela, travel together in the world, letting themselves be captured by the musical expressions of every place, inspirations that contaminate their compositions and arrangements and with which they give rise to a heterogeneous and multicultural way of making music.

The Mombé mix Latin folklore and Afro-Brazilian rhythms, which are combined with the different ways of each musician and with their itinerant lifestyle. The show is an invitation to travel in unknown places, through the rhythms and songs that arise from the band's life on the road. Who wants to get on board?

  • 2018 - Invitato