• Yannick Meyer - Chitarra, Voce, Kalimba, Armonica
  • Alejandro Serra - Chitarra, voce, loop

From Cape Town the voices and melodies of the Native Young drag the audience through the warm and intense rhythms of South Africa. Here the singer Yannick Meyer founded the band when he met the Spanish guitarist Alejandro Serra, in South Africa for surfing. The group, composed of several musicians, has lived a whole year performing between different cities of the world and festivals in Europe. Native Young likes to perform on the streets and on the buses, a dimension in which they really feel linked with people. This is the art of the band, an ephemeral expression able to connect the listener, like a feeling. It is based on the raw African rhythm and the fusion of electronic and acoustic instruments. A new combination that has found an independent space in the South African and international music scene. The first album of Native Young, "Kings", won the SAMA - South African Music Award - as best alternative album, in 2017. In Ferrara the Native Young have chosen to participate as a duo, but the spirit of their music remains the same .

  • 2018 - Invitato