• Phil Assheton - Pianoforte

Two hands, two pianos, one musician: Phil Assheton is Piano Busker. The English artist, charismatic as few others are, is able to play on two vertical pianos at the same time, attracting astonished crowds.

He travels through the streets of the cities of the world bringing his musical instruments with him and building with them stratified collage of sounds, which take inspiration from melted touching Celtic and electronic melodies, repeated and transformed by him. Listening to him you will be mesmerized by the music of his original compositions and by observing how his hands dance on the keyboards. Piano Busker plays in the street since 2005, at the beginning with only one piano, then from 2012 with two instruments. He traveled throughout the United Kingdom, along the west coast of America and in various locations in Europe. In addition to its original pieces, he reinterprets covers with a very personal style. In Ferrara he wants to amaze the public. And there is no doubt that it will.

  • 2018 - Invitato