• Tara Dunne( - Violino e Voce
  • Aneta Dortová - Danze Irlandesi
  • Liam Conway - Banjo e Voce
  • Paul Egan - Bodhrán e Voce
  • Paul Brohan - Chitarra e Voce
  • Sam Wright - Doppo Basso

A sinuous violin echoes fast in the wind, the flute follows him with his carelessness, mandolin, bouzouki, cajon and banjo keep up the pace, accompanied by the guitar, while the feet start to move in a dragging dance.

The traditional Irish music conquers the Ferrara Buskers Festival® with Sin to Deir Sí, an explosion of sounds that traces the notes of the pentagram of the great Irish hits, like "Wild Rover", "Whiskey in the jar", "Rocky road to Dublin " and many others. The five musicians and the dancer Aneta Dortová come from Galway, but they have already performed in many places in Ireland and Europe, involving the crowds with ballads and jig, energetic traditional Irish dances, polka, popular reel dances (for which they use shoes with hard heels to beat jumping on the ground) and bagpipes. If you want to dance and twirl as if you were under the Irish sky, this is the right place!

  • 2018 - Invitato