• Sophie Kinston - Violino elettrico e voce
  • Jerome d'odeurs - chitarra

A sound of inspiration, which leads in a journey or in a dream. Guided by sinuosity and good vibrations of an electric violin, and by the sweetness of the singer Sophie Kinston voice, the public find themselves between stories of love, desire, losses and hope. Tailor Birds' music warms the soul. Their name refers to the birds of tropical Asia, which sew together the leaves for making the nests, like a magic. Starting from Melbourne, Australia, the musician has decided to make her talent be known to people of every corner of the planet, traveling aboard with a Toyota Hiace Commuter transformed into a mobile home. In Ferrara, Sophie Kinston is accompanied by the Belgian guitarist Jerome D'Odeurs. The idea is to transmit positive energy, combining live looping, art foley (the art of the noise maker, which creates and records sound effects) and ethereal voice. The result is dreamy and immersive. Seeing is believing.

  • 2017 - Accreditato
  • 2018 - Invitato