• Kristian Dugstad - Chitarra/Voce/Armonica
  • Josh O' Loughlin - Banjo/Vocals
  • Rory Costello - Bass
  • Philip King - Percussioni

Traditional Irish music resonates with its folk rhythms and with the energy of the banjo for a big party that is impossible to resist at. The Boxty Gang arrives at the Ferrara Buskers Festival® with the liveliness of the sounds of Ireland, which meet the original American folk, contaminated with funk, jazz and contemporary musical expressions.

The four musicians are native to Irish land and Norway and carry around an exciting project of popular music, able to conquer all types of public. Ancient and new songs are masterfully shaped by the musicians. And the mind goes to the exuberance of Irish pubs, to the goliardic atmospheres, in which everyone lost himself dancing and jumping overwhelmed by rhythms and melodies. The Boxty Gang won the second prize at the Michigan Irish Music Initiative in 2016 and have performed at several festivals in Ireland, Belgium, Norway and United States. Ready to leave for a new journey?

  • 2018 - Invitato