• Rachel Lawrence - cantante, washboard
  • Gus Dolding - chitarra, tenore banjo
  • Peter Warner - Batteria
  • Joseph Trudgeon - chitarra, cantante
  • Joss Murray - Tromba
  • Tom Monahan - Trombone


Category: Live band with circus and breakdancing

Style: Jazz and Swing 

Current line up: female vocals, male vocals, guitar, banjo, double bass, drums, horns (clarinet, trombone, trumpet, saxophone - usually two or any of the aforementioned horns) 

Tour Schedule: half the band are playing in New Orleans, USA for three months from mid January until mid April. 

Then the band are playing a range of UK and European festivals and private events as well as playing an Ireland tour, South of France tour and a tour in Germany and Poland.  We are currently finalising 2018 tour dates, particularly our summer festival dates. 

Bio: The Gin Bowlers are a rowdy and exciting swing band from Bristol. Their dynamic stage shows have gained them a reputation as purveyors of the finest, filthiest swing.

Sleazy horns, original arrangements and sultry rich harmonies make up their unique sound. Breakdancing, juggling and interactive performance make up their exceptional live show.

They spent the summer on the festival circuits at some of the top UK festivals such as Boomtown, Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party and Shambala honing their skills as well as touring the UK, Europe and the US extensively and they’re ready to bring their timeless versions of old favourites to you.Members of the band can speak Spanish, Italian, French and many more languages. 


  • 2018 - Invitato