• Michael Sappington - Mandolino
  • Johannes Haupt - Bangio
  • Robert Ernst - Violino
  • David Conrad - Chitarra
  • Irena Petrovska - Viola

The spirit of the bluegrass, the vivacity of the traditional folk music of North America and the British Isles, come together in a thousands of original pieces and fast-paced pieces performed with banjo, mandolin, guitar, violin, double bass and polyphonic vocal harmonies. The Hatchetations is a warm band whose musicians come from Germany, Macedonia, United States. The name refers to the hatchet attacks on the establishments that served alcohol, by Carrie Nation, in the period before prohibition. These attacks were precisely renamed "Hatchetations".

The artists have already performed in Germany, Luxembourg, France and many European cities. With their overwhelming and carefree rhythms, the show is capable to bring joy and freedom and have captured attention and consents of many spectators. Now they have a great desire to share their special folk music with the audience of Ferrara Buskers Festival®. It's time to have fun!

  • 2018 - Invitato