• Igino Vicinanza - Percussioni
  • Chiara Granato - Percussioni
  • Serafina Perrotta - Percussioni
  • Alessio Coppola - Percussioni

With their warm energy and great ability to engage the public, the band Utungo Tabasamu won last year the contest "Vote your favorite busker" for the "Accredited Musicians" section and now returns to lead the Ferrara Buskers Festival®. It's spontaneous for who is watching to participate to the performance of the band, clap hands and let be guided by the rhythms produced by the four percussionists, who are inspired by the dances of the African land, searching for new sounds through the recovery of everyday objects. The name Utungo Tabasamu in Swahili, the South African language, means "smile to rhythm": it is right what Igino, Chiara, Serafina and Alessio give to the public every time they perform. And the result is just amazing.

  • 2017 - Accreditato
  • 2018 - Invitato
  • 2019 - Invitato

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