• Leonardo Bosi - voce, chitarra
  • Arianna Poli - voce, chitarra
  • Luca Venturini - basso
  • Stefano Guarisco - batteria

Four young musicians ready to conquer Ferrara, the city of music from which they come and where they were formed, with a Meltin' Pot of alternative rock. The group was formed recently, in the summer of 2018, but the artists already have different personal experiences, which now merge into a whirling musical cauldron, from which to draw classic pieces of Beatles and David Bowie and other pieces of more recent groups like Arctic Monkeys, Of Monsters and Man and The Lumineers.

Leonardo Bosi is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter, founder of several groups who performed at the Ferrara Buskers Festival® as accredited, Arianna Poli, an 18-year-old singer-songwriter, who has just recorded her first album, alternating vocals and acoustic guitar. Also Luca Venturini, a 19-year-old bass player, has already been part of other bands and now produces electronic music. Stefano Guarisco is an eclectic 26-year-old drummer with almost a decade of experience, writer and arranger. The goal of Meltin'Pot is to reinterpret, experimenting changing sounds from day to day.

  • 2016 - Accreditato
  • 2017 - Accreditato
  • 2018 - Invitato